Create Your Own Clothing: YouTubers Review

Dear Sewers,


You may find that there are a lot of bloggers out there who share their thoughts on clothing, and then there are those who really put themselves into what they sew. I have found that there are quite a few that are most helpful and most respectful and faithful to their own followers. As a result, here’s a list of some people who have some great instruction on their pages:

Kenandrewdaily – the aspiring designer constantly shares projects online with tips on fabric shopping from the bigger fashion fabric districts. Also focuses on branding your sewing, should you be working into the business of fashion. Self-taught, he’s now working developing his line. According to his videos, his friends find it strange that he sews, but in his words, it’s what he’s always done and loves to create clothing.

DIY: Bomber Jacket is a super fun DIY project creation! (FYI: he also finds a good amount of fabric at cheaper sales in different locations.


Withwendy – Canadian based, self-taught seamstress who works with challenging fashion fabrics such as leather, mesh, faux fur and jersey, creating garments for herself and friends based on designs she sees out in the fashion world. She shares super-practical information regarding those who are just starting out: she has entire video serious devoted to just that! She’s taken a lot of time and effort in her videos and works to make it as simple as possible for her viewers who want to make their own clothing like that they see on TV or on celebs, etc…

How To Buy Fabric is an example of one her most-informative links.


Coolirpa’s Thrifted Transformations

Shopping exclusively at thrift stores, April creates custom designs based on runway-looks that are hitting magazine stands everywhere. Usually spending less than $10 per garment, she finds looks that are almost-right, and deconstructs them into her something to match her taste. She has re-created everything from gowns with lining, to suede skirts into shirts! It just shows all you need is a little imagination…

DIY Blazer Jacket


Those are just a few of my latest discoveries but they are worth checking out if you are seriously into sewing or looking to update your wardrobe without paying loads for brand new garments.

Often I find that I can find fabric at thrift stores, bargain sales at warehouse fabric stores, or even from garage sales (best friend has seriously scored doing this!) In the end, it can save you money and fit better than what is in the stores. The three links above also do just that.

Happy Sewing!

Stay tuned…



The Mitten Project

Just in case the link from my last post didn’t come clear, I wanted to share this again. I recently got a loom knitting mitten from Michael’s and this was super helpful for making mittens.

Basically, I struggle with basic knitting. Maybe it’s the 4-needle mitten patterns only that I can’t seem to figure out, but for some reason, the actual loom does seriously make it easier to hold and created the mittens that I wanted to make for gifts.

I used basic yarn that I had on hand, which was a multi-colour, 4 ply. I made a few mittens that way and then moved on to making the mittens using Baby Blanket yarn in the colour, “Little Sand Castles” by Bernat, which I purchased on sale for $2 a ball at a local craft store.

The particular ball has no stretch to it, but it is super soft and that’s what the selling point was for the mitten Project. The particular ball of yarn was purchased at a store different than my loom, which was purchased at Michael’s. As well, the brand of loom I have is a little different than the one in the picture, however, it was purchased using Michael’s 50% off coupon, so in in the end, I paid $3.75 for the loom, the tool and the small instruction book.

SHIPPING IDEAS: if you wanted to mail this to a knitter you know, or a beginner to knitting, the product would likely cost you $10 in Canada Post shipping, despite being small and light. The height of the pegs in the package would cause you to run into mailing this as a “package” instead of letter mail.

Overall, LOVE this tool so far and can’t wait to share more about what I continue to create with it! Apparently you can do scarves and headbands too.

Stay tuned!

Loom Knitting For Mittens


And yarn that I used:





Corporate Consideration: How to Calm Down a Interviewee

One thing I haven’t written about a lot lately is that within your business,  you need to optimize putting clients first. That means they need to be calm and relaxed before a taping. Before you interview them, show them you care. #television #journalismskills

If you work in a business that involves advertising their products/brands, you need to design an environment in which they can just walk right in, receive the royal treatment, and leave happy feeling that their voice was heard and that their brand has been exposed to a larger audience of potential clientele.

If you need to organize your life, click here. #officesupplies

The best visual description I’ve ever seen has to be by Alejandra Tv on organizing all your research, notes, dayplanner, etc…

So, if you need to schedule time in for your clients and even to do further research on their business (even if it is something that you already had someone else research,) do the research yourself to find out what is your client is describing. If you are a #makeupartist, and you have them in your makeup chair, and they begin to panic, due to nerves, prior to a taping, get them talking about their favourite things (which is likely going to be the cause, charity, or business adventure they’ve arrived to talk about.)

For the squeamish, this next part is a little graphic:

The best example I have of this is when I had to do an ex-restorative arts professional. Which means he worked in the mortuary services and reconstructed accident victims from scratch, in order to present them for open-casket viewings. Thing is, he was here to talk about finances and corporate outreach for organizations. And he was a basket of nerves.

I began by asking him what he did before he worked in Public Relations. He began to describe times when he would help recover suicide victims to bring some closure to the families. (This was a huge turn in our conversation; I never imagined we’d be discussing mending a skull by sewing it back together in and reshaping of the cranium using spray foam! He literally molded this individual’s noggin back together.)

Had the interview been about “bringing closure to families of accident victims or suicides”, I would have found the man for the job!

This could be an entirely different interview, and he was such a dream to work with, and full of really interesting information, that he’s the one I’ve mentally filed away for a future story regarding trauma, victims, deaths, accidents, etc… Anything that he may be perfect for, I’d be calling him. And all because he was nervous, and it was my job as the makeup artist – last person to handle him before an interview – to put him at ease, in order for us to get the actual interview out of him.

Sometimes all you have to do is dig for the information. It’s there. People love to talk about themselves. And you’ll blow their minds with how personal the conversation can be.

This individual happened to come back later and thanked me for making him feel relaxed prior to the interview. And it has built a great professional relationship because of one small chat.

Good luck #journalism Rookies!

Introducing… The Happy Panda~

When I say Happy Panda, I’m meaning eating like you’re eating nothing but bamboo; super healthy! Mostly, eating according to the FODMAP diet, gluten-free, removing corn and other such products.


These jelly beans are from Bulk Barn. And since beauty is only “skin deep”, basically, your skin will reflect, to some degree, what it is that you eat. And if you still want candy, opt for these gluten-free beans, marked in store with a green “Organic” label.

All the candy there is marked whether they are “organic” or not… meaning, are they #happytummy or not?


Watch “Great Gatsby Dramatic Lashes” on YouTube

Getting his video out took way longer than I had anticipated. I’m happy with the finished product, so all the editing was worth it.

Today I was teaching someone else how to use Adobe After Affects and after working through the problem with the “student”, I gained a stronger appreciation for the MAC OS.

We grew up with macs, in my family, then switched to PCs later. I am glad to have returned from the dark side. After all. No “fattening” cookies clogging the software.

But it also made me appreciate editing small projects. Makes a person feel like they are accomplishing something 😉

And to save, save, save! I told my pupil that’s lesson number 1. They promptly then saved 7 times. A little much, but I believe our project will be there tomorrow when needed. We shall continue editing the template and making good use our of the software.

Computer shutting down now.

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Great Gatsby Dramatic Lashes: